1.1 The association shall be called the Coast & District Veterans Bowling Association.
1.2 The object of the association shall be to provide inter club activities and to foster the Bowls England Game among bowlers aged 50 years and over and permanently retired from paid employment.
1.3 The officers of the Association to be elected at each AGM shall be Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Competition Secretary.
1.4 A committee comprised of the officers of the Association together with two members each from different clubs shall be convened if necessary to deal with any matters which may arise.
1.5 The club representatives may recommend to any AGM the appointment of an Honorary President and one or more Honorary Vice Presidents.
1.6 One auditor shall be elected at each AGM.
1.7 Membership of the Association shall be open to any club whom the Association considers can reasonably engage in the activities of the Association.
1.8 Clubs accepted for the Hately League shall pay an annual subscription determined at the AGM Other member clubs shall pay an an annual Associated member subscription determined at the AGM.
1.9 Hatley League representatives ONLY shall have voting powers on matters concerning the Hately League. Other club representatives shall have full voting rights on all other matters.
1.10 The Annual General Meeting shall normally be held on the third Thursday of October. Each club may send two delegates to these meetings with voting rights. The Chairman shall be entitled to a casting vote if necessary.
1.11 Proposals to alter or add to the constitution must be in the hands of the Association Secretary by the last day in September.
1.12 All competitions shall be run under Bowls England Rules. The decision of the Management Committee to be final.
1.13 In the event of the dissolution of the Association, the Hately Cup shall be placed in the care of Rockcliffe Bowling Club Cullercoats, for competition if possible among veteran bowlers.

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