Mens Pairs Shield

2016 Pairs (1)2017 Pairs

Honours Board

2017Eugene Hogarth  Jim MoreKen Seal   Alan Hewitt
2016Keith Twist Jim BolamL.Downie   A.Mansfield
2015Ken Seal  Jim More
2014No Competition Held
2013Jim Bolam  A.Hall
2012Bob Shieber  D.Moore
2001 – 2011No Competition Held
2000R.Hooper   J.Hall
1999No Competition Held
1998C.Henderson  A.Simpson
1997C.Henderson   G.Pearson
1996C.Henderson A.Simpson
1995J.Williamson A.Simpson
1994R.Skelton  W.Hogg 
1993G.Tucker   P.Capstaff
1992G.Charlton J.Williamson
1991J.Thompson   J.Robinson  
1990O.Bartlett   A.White
1989J.Biggs W.Hogg 
1988J.R.Williamson  W.Proom
1987T.Hepple  O.Stuart
1986C.Henderson   A.Waite
1985J.Charlton  R.Hooper
1984J.Charlton   T.Murray
1983W.Davis   O.Stewart
1982W.Davis   D.Arkley
1981J.R.Williamson  W.Hall
1980R.P.Todd  G.Bell

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