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New Gate Installed At Last

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New Gate 4

After many months of negotiation with a number of local firms a second gate for access to the green has been installed by Ivanhoe Forge Ltd.The Club would like to thank Cllrs Bernard Piddock M.B.E. and Steve Johnson for their help and advice in making this possible

BBC Sport’s beginner’s guide to bowls

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The aim of the game is simple. Get your bowls as close as possible to a small white ball called the ‘jack’. However there’s so much more to it than that!! BBC Sport has a nice concise beginners guide aimed at anyone interested in taking up the sport. The article covers everything from how competitions unfold and how […]

How bowls is changing its image in Scotland

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An interesting article in The Scotsman about lawn bowling in Scotland that’s definitely worth a read. The piece details how bowls has become something of an obsession that’s moving with the times north of the border. Along with debunking some of the historical myths around the sport, it states that recent Scottish success in lawn bowls at the […]